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Conversations with Mr. Hoover

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Conversations with Mr. Hoover

Published 1960

Source: 2 Reels of 2: Film: 16mm

Collection: Stanford University film collection, 1936-1987

Call Number: SC0750 SC1032_069.1; SC0750 SC1032_069.2

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Run time 00:59:31
Audio/Visual Sound, Black and White
Language English
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Reviewer: acfalk - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 12, 2013
Subject: Thoughts of a Conservative
I found the 1960 NBC conversation with Mr. Hoover at Stanford, led by NBC’s Ray Henle, to be more than an educational experience, for this fellow born in 1943. It was a rediscovery of what this great American stood for and did throughout his life. He treasured and fought for freedom on the battlefield and in high office; he believed in personal responsibility, private enterprise and charity. Can you imagine a person as selfless, as courageous and as perceptive being elected to the highest office in the land today. Perhaps there is the equal of Herbert Hoover out there today, but I have not heard his name.
And, it says something about our culture today that when you say the name “Herbert Hoover”, the listener might, just might recognize the name as a past president, but if this is the case, the name is associated with ineffectively handling the commencement of the Great Depression. This is of course as false as the belief that FDR brought the USA out of the Great Depression with his expansion of government before WWII.
I hope to share and discuss this conversation with our children and grandchildren. Thank you for posting it.
AC Falk
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